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Welcome Aboard the USS Battle Born

Welcome to the USS Battle Born, a proud Chapter of STARFLEET, The International Fan Association (SFI)! We are a Correspondence chapter with members currently all over the US, and a rather strong presence in Texas.

While the fan club is based and organized around Star Trek, we are a group that love a very broad array of Sci-fi and fantasy.

All of our business is conducted online via these forums, so whenever we go out/meet up with each other, or other fans, it is all about having fun!
Fictionally, we are a refit Nebula class Cruiser, NCC-69607, assigned to the 3rd Fleet. The ship and crew are tailored to exploring and reconnaissance in force. Often sent in at the first sign of any trouble to investigate a situation - The USS Battle Born has had many memorable encounters (fictional and real world), with many more to come! Hence our motto...

"Been There, Done That, Back for More!"
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