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By laws for the USS Battle Born

1) Purpose
It is the purpose of the USS Battle Born to have FUN! We do this with a focus on, and modeling after Star Trek, and other science fiction, for our organizational and recreational purposes. The intent, structure and only reason for the organization to exist at all is to facilitate that FUN.
a) Part of that organization is membership to STARFLEET International (SFI)
b) Parts of the FUN are aimed at a mature, adult level. (We like our sci-fi gritty!)
c) This FUN, shall be organized and run online.

2) Membership
Membership within the USS Battle Born is based upon the above membership to SFI. Beyond that only age and/or relative maturity are limiting factors to joining. Members will be 18 years of age, or older. Any exceptions will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
a) Species, race, faith (or the lack there of), age, gender, size, shape, color, nationality, political status, number of appendages, disabilities, or financial means are NOT in any way a limitation to your membership.
b) Geographical, Astronomical, astrological, or relative locations are NOT a limitation to your membership – we do however ask that you can reliably get to our web site.

3) Structure
The structure of the USS Battle Born will be based on the rank and organizational structure of the SFI, which is in turn based on the Starfleet ranks seen in Star Trek. The Commanding Officer (CO), Executive Officer (XO) will be the chief points of contact for the USS Battle Born. They shall organize and manage the ship in a style modeling the that of Starfleet. This structure will help, never hinder the flow of communication, and the facilitation of the FUN.

The Commanding Officer:
It is the responsibility of the CO of the USS Battle Born to organize, manage, and report on the activities of the ship. The SFI required monthly report, due on the 1st of every month, will be compiled and sent out by the CO, or their designated representative. The CO is free to appoint staff positions, within the unit, as they see fit, to include the XO. Via this staff all communication and activity planning will flow.

The Executive Officer:
The right hand of the CO. The XO will be capable, and prepared to assume any and all duties of the CO as needed. Additionally the XO is directly responsible for receiving input from the crew for consideration on any topic of official discussion.

4) Succession
The CO serves the ship at the pleasure of the ship's members. A 2/3 majority vote of no confidence is enough to remove any standing CO, and 50% +1 votes will then elect a new CO. A new CO will change/appoint new staff as required.

5) Communication
The chief means of communication in the USS Battle Born is via the unit forums, currently located at All members are expected to monitor these forums, generally at least once a week, or as needed. Other forms of electronic communication may be used, as needed – but all official, public information will be posted on the forum, or the main website.

6) Other Information
Other guidance and information that is more dynamic then this document will be made available on the forums or website. This document is to be considered the 'constitution' and rough structure of the USS Battle Born, but will not, and should not, include every tiny thing that may become necessary to the running of the ship.

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