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301st MSG - Strike Group Cerberus
"Three Showing...Death Dealing!"

The 30st Marine Strike Group (MSG) is a proud unit of 3rd Brigade, STARFLEET Marine Corps (SFMC). The SFMC is a sub group within SFI, tailored for those who desire a more 'military feel' to their fandom. Members can be Active, meaning they identify as a Marine first and go by the ground forces rank designations, or Reserve who retain their naval style rank and are not always in 'marine mode'.

Reserve or Active, we all have fun!

Fictionally, the 301st MSG is a Combined Forces Unit, consiting of a variety of Aerospace craft, Light Mecha, and Limited Special Forces, as well as various support elements.. Cerberus was the three headed dog - and as such the 301st wields these three specialties in combat arms as one cohesive unit.

Officer In Charge
Deputy Officer In Charge
First Sergeant
LTC Andrew Peterson CWO4 Adam Hudson SMAJ Marie Smith
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